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Novaroma Reviews

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It has been built on the assumption that the user is installing it on a computer with high specifications e.g. RAM & CPU speed; and an always-on high-speed Internet connection. This assertion is made (by me) based on the observation that this software will aggressively intrude upon deep system settings installing Windows Services which will auto-launch at system start-up. It will not only launch Novaroma but also the bit-torrent client upon which Novaroma is dependent -- mu Torrent by default.

So, as soon as your Windows computer boots up, Novaroma launches itself and mu Torrent, which immediately begins down- / up- loading torrents!

No method is offered to disable or switch off this presumptuous behaviour.

Further, when you uninstall these software, feedback surveys for both Novaroma and mu Torrent will auto-launch -- thoughtful but presumptuous that your machine is always connected to the Internet. But the worse is yet to come.

While mu Torrent will accept it's feedback survey without fuss, Novaroma will keep throwing an error dialogue which won't explain what the error is. View screen grab here https://i.imgur.com/wPcpvBf.png

All-in-all, a most frustrating experience not worth the time-cost of this software.

Verdict: avoid like the plague!