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NoteZilla: An Effective Answer to Effective Productivity

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Customizable Features
Easy to use
Friendly support team

Full-transparency option

In a sea of alternatives to the default "Sticky" notes application, NoteZilla manages to stand out with its customizable features, little-none impact on performance, and easy usability.

Currently, there are countless of apps which try to be 'THE go-to sticky notes' solution. But a lot of these are simply replicas of the default sticky notes built into windows. NoteZilla, however, brings a lot to the table. From simple color customizability, all the way to screen resolution scaling/adaptation. All these features set NoteZilla apart from the competition.

What I like the best about NoteZilla is its capability to look 'less sticky-notes-like'. All other sticky apps seem to have this goal of making the desktop look as if it was built in the 90s. Although NoteZilla sets this old/classic style as default, the customizable features make it possible for the desktop to look fresh and modern.

All in all, NoteZilla is the best 'sticky-notes' alternative out there. (this is if one is willing to pay for its price which in my opinion, is easy to justify. 4.9/5


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I've tried every sticky note for Windows that I've been able to track down, free and not, including every one in AlternativeTo, and this is the one I'm staying with for the known future. I use it very heavily all day, I take notes live and revise them in Notezilla and then paste the result into work tickets. Notezilla is the only one so far with the durability and bugless behavior to stand up to my workload. It also handles images startlingly well.



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I started my career when computers still required you to type commands at the C: prompt so needless to say, note taking was on good old-fashion pen and paper; for someone in my age group, pen & paper is still my preferred method of jotting down quick notes, but the downside to that is you end up with a thousand forgotten sticky notes all over the place that end up getting overlooked because they are not organized in any particular fashion, nor do they start jumping up and down to remind you that they need to be addressed. The beauty of this app, is that aesthetically, they look just like my beloved little Post-it Notes, but instead of the paper dummies, these guys have brains! They pop up right on your computer screen or mobile with use of reminders; you can pin them to websites or other apps to pop up when you open a particular website (for example, if I am online shopping at Sam's Club for supplies, my shopping list will pop up when I open the website; furthermore, I can also use that same note to pop up with my log-in credentials so I don't have to refer to my credential list or enter my password 10 times before remembering what it is; worried about safety? well you can lock the note too! so if it pops up with any log in credential info in it, you have 1 master password in your head to unlock it - no more remembering 5000 site log-in credentials.) I can go on and on about this app and why I love it, but if your brain doesn't operate in "tags", this app is for you (even though it has "tag" options for the younger "tag-thinking" generation, lol); I have been using for years and highly recommend to anyone who loves Post-it Notes on steroids! The only thing I would love to see from Notezilla, is a downloadable mobile app that has a prettier and more user friendly interface than its current and long time web based mobile service :((


Thanks a lot for a wonderful review :) Loved it! Last year we had launched Notezilla apps for Android and iPhone/iPad. And those apps are completely free. Please do download and use them instead of the web based mobile service. Sync all your notes with your desktop PC. Thanks again :)

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I'm a heavy user of Notezilla. I purchased a license for version 7. 10 years ago, I would have given notezilla 5 stars. But, sadly, it hasn't evolved much and version 8 came out in 2013 and they haven't updated it since then!
A major limitation is that many modern apps include voice recording notes nowadays, this one doesn't. The note administration is clunky and awkward to use. It lacks modern features.
Still, even after 7 years sleeping on their laurels and doing nothing to improve the program, Notezilla is still a solid application which is a pleasure to use.

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When the trial version is finished, you will not be able to open the application unless you pay for the license. That is playing dirty.


Hello Herchi, Thanks for your feedback. Notezilla does show a count down of number of days left before the trial expires. So you do have chance to save your notes. If you email us at support@conceptworld.com, we can help you recover your notes.

in the web you could recover the notes but it's dirty to close the door to people don't pay. I think people who pay for this they have more options like sync but not this dirty trick

A great alternative to Stickies

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-Intuitive interface
-Better GUI


  • Shareware (It means you have to paid for it.)


  • You should give it a try if you're now using Stickies.

What a sticky not program should be

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I love this app. I went looking for something that was more capable than the Windows sticky note application. This has exceeded my expectations. Why?

  • Note colors configurable
  • Can select fonts
  • Multiple boards I can create and post notes to
  • Syncing to my Android

There is room for improvement and I have submitted my feedback which I was quickly greeted with a friendly reply and an assurance that my feedback moved that feature up the list!

Please support these guys in taking this program to even better places. As it stands you will not be disappointed.

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feedback and improvement ideas.

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I'm a new Notezilla user, i would like to use it to take notes to different webpages, it seems that i can do it with Notezilla.

It would be nice it it also would let me:

note web content directly from web page into a note (drag and drop)
expandable and collapsable lists with content in the same note (perhaps html in note support)
tree list example

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Notezilla does support outlining inside sticky notes. Please look at this post: http://www.conceptworld.com/blog/index.php/outlining-multi-level-bullets-numbering-in-sticky-notes-on-windows/

Notezilla - Great program for all your information

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Notezilla is a program that meets all my needs.
I need a program that is

  1. Not too complicated and easy to use.
  2. Able to store random information.
  3. Able to encrypt my personal data.
  4. Able to retrieve information fast.
  5. Always available when I need it.

Notezilla is the only program that meets all my needs.


My personal opinion)

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I have tried many different programs stickers: free and paid. But all of them some clumsy or severely congested functional. I like this program for an intuitive interface and simple, but it is completely up to the task. Nothing superfluous and everything is very convenient. Really remarkable and worthy product.


Thanks a lot @chepkadog for the nice review.

Test it and adopt it.

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I'm using the Portable version.
This soft is really cool. I'm using it as a second memory :-)

Take a look at the options, all is said.

I really appreciate the Checklist feature, the possibility to paste directly pictures in it and the also the way to sort notes by genres and colors....



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I've had Notezilla ruin my data set of notes via its' sync service.

It ruined every note, and instead of moving notes to trash (that were deleted from another system) it deleted them completely.** I get it, that's a basic sync, **but common logic denotes to not delete, but to trash. ... This developer is stuck in the context of 1995.

This program is VERY basic and not thought out too well at all.
The nested contexts is silly and an outdated paradigm. .. AKA: right clicking various locations in a basic app should provide the entire menu system instead of requiring that I drill into nested levels via different UI elements to access simple things.

While I use Notezilla still, I DO NOT use their sync service. I recommend to avoid their syncing methods and put the portable version into a cloud app to go between computers. .. if you need to have phone app sync, use onenote as they fixed their sync issues years ago.

Regarding outdated paradigm;
the note skins remind me of windows 95.. this tool is outdated and barely useful to multitaking professionals.. but if you want to remember to buy milk.. you're all set. It can remind you about milk.
There's several absurd forum posts where the developer makes nonsense reasons to not improve Notezilla.
We all have more ram and better CPUs now.. how about stepping into 2006 or maybe 2014 ?

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Thanks a lot for your feedback. We will surely take it positively and improve on them. It is common to get angry at loss of data. And we apologize for the inconvenience. I am not sure if you reported this to us over email. But there are ways to retrieve notes data as Notezilla keeps local back up copies also. It would be nice if you can email me so that I can review your case and past conversations.

99.9% of our customers are satisfied with our service. Have never complained about any data loss.

It would be nice if you can email us specific details about how the nested menu system is not good. Also please give me links to the forum posts which you mentioned in the last 2 sentences.

Thanks and wish you the best!. Stay safe :)

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Notezilla is notetaking software, I'm looking for to-do list software.


Thanks. But why 1 star based on what you are looking for? Also, Notezilla can of course be used as to do list. It has check list option, reminders, outlining etc. It would be nice if you can explain.

gautambjain: AlternativeTo tags Notezilla as "task-list-manager" and "todo-manager," but in my opinion, Notezilla not as good as a dedicated to-do list like Todoist.