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Wonderful little application, I thought it would be my next go-to application after Programmer's Notepad stopped being updated, but sadly Notepad3 doesn't have a tabbed interface, so each file opens in a new instance of the app, much like notepad. And despite having syntax highlighting and support for multiple programming languages, it isn't really designed to be used for development work. So as a replacement for notepad, it seems overkill to includes programming language support and syntax highlighting, which I don't believe majority of Windows users care about - for that, there's Notepad++.

Another annoyance, which I hope is something that will be fixed in future, is that the CPU usage hovers just above 0% at 0.05% on a low-end desktop/laptop cpu (like the first gen of i5/i7); I know it doesn't sound much, but with multiple instances and files open, it builds up.

Another issue is memory usage, so despite being very light, it appears it consumes more memory (working set) along with private working set, compared to Notepad++, particularly with an open file - this surprised me.

Nonetheless, it's an excellent alternative to Windows Notepad with features for defining tabbing lengths, support for unix/windows line endings, code folding, file change notification, highlighting occurrences, brace matching, etc.

N.b. I'm not sure why Notepad3 is tagged as an "IDE" despite not having any integrated development features, such as version control, code compiling, command prompt, etc.