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Cross-platform. Decent mobile and desktop apps. Good pricing structure.


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At the time of writing, Notejoy's tagline is "Collaborative notes for your entire team".

My entire team - presently seven people - primarily uses Linux on desktop and Android on mobile. Notejoy support neither.

That is a disgrace. And all the more emphatic when you realise that Android has something like 85% of the mobile market, globally. So not only is Notejoy not for my entire team, it's not even for 85% of mobile phone users. Notejoy belongs to that nasty little microcosm of apps that look pretty but are biased bizarrely towards Mac/iOS users, in the manner of Bear and all-too-many other so called "productivity" apps.

And for this Notejoy want over $8/person/month. Where exactly does the "joy" part come in?