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Great Dashboard Widget and iOS App!

I've used this one for quite a while now, mostly to feed my TV watching habits, which I have to download them and title them like so:


Keeps me from downloading the same episode twice. Well. Usually.

I also use it to store random ideas for articles, things to search for, interesting quotes, book titles I hear that sound interesting, and, of course, a shopping list for those times when I find myself out and about and need to pick up something from a store (or two).

I normally do all of those entries from my computers, so having the app version is a big help.

All that said, this one is definitely worth a look ... and while Apple decided to kill off Dashboard (shakes fist in the general direction of Cupertino), it is good to know that there is both an app and an actual Mac application available for that dark day when I am absolutely forced to upgrade.

Good things Macs last a good long time (writing this one on a 17 inch 2009 MacBook Pro that I picked up at a pawn shop a few months back).

Definitely recommend this one.