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Overall pretty good app just a few things to know about the Mac version.

  1. In the past I have had problems with formatting. I would format some text and then move on and later when I go back to it it was really weird formatted. Strange like part of a word would be bold 40 pixels and the rest of the word would be regular (not bold) and 12pixels.
  2. Mac is cutting off support for 32 bit programs and this one is 32 bit so if you buy this you may not be able to use it when they do, By may not be able to use this app after they do I mean unless they make a 64 but app,
  3. In the past I have not had much luck moving nodes around, they would move then disappear.
  4. No table support and images have to be on their own line.

Again this is Mac problems, the other platforms seem to work good. This is a very nice app on Linux and very good app on Windows. Linux is where it works best though. For Windows Treepad is a better solution for a similar price. Since this app is cross platform though I deal with the side effects but the 32 bit thing is gonna be a real problem.

Just a heads up for Mac users so you don't pay for a program you might later loose support for. I did this a couple of years back, I opened my Applications folder and about 12 apps had a no support icon and wouldn't work because Apple doesn't care about their customers after they get their money.


Have been using it since 2009

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I've been using NoteCase for a while, I guess 6 years at least. NoteCase is a very competent outliner and for more elaborated note taking, it can be an interesting choice. Of course NoteCase is not so modern as Evernote, but I usually do not like to compare them.

Let me highlight some things: text search is fast and flexible, notes can be stored as HTML files ("ncd" extension), has a bookmark feature, based upon GTK toolkit version 2.

For being able to use functions like print, code syntax highlighting and scripting, the full licence must be bought. The Lite/Unregistered version also limits the maximum number of file simultaneously openned to two.