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Simple and intuitive, yet has 99% of what you need from scanning app.


Epson compatible works much better then original EPSON app

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I've an older Epson printer/scanner/fax: EPSON AL-CX11NF AL-CX11.
My EPSON scan / scanner / fax /laserprinter has no recently updated applications, horrible web-interface requires java etc. etc. The Epson hardware is still great, but suddenly the outdated multi-page scan app didn't function any more. It's probably an issue on my Windows 10, but tried many things but couldn't recover. Also the built-in scan functions on windows are horrible therefore looked for alternatives.

The acronym to remember here is TWAIN.
Due to the fact that this scanner supports TWAIN I found the NAPS2 - it worked straight away and as a charm. It does what I need (A4 size, multipage with user prompting between pages, scan directly to PDF and via the app I can even remove pages before saving) it is very simple to setup and remembers my preferred settings including naming conventions etc. etc. It's so much more user-friendly then The EPSON included apps.

It probably works with any TWAIN compatible device from other vendors and NAPS2 saved me having to purchase new hardware!


Great scanning tool

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Fantastic tool for the task! Simple to use. Has most of the features needed for the job (reorder per dragging would be nice. But hey, this is free).

Very active development: Thanks for fixing rotation so quickly (Didn't keep rotation upon save in 3.3.1). Use it all the time now. Compared with the scanning feature of FSviewer I especially like the option predefined settings, which keeps my Canoscan from repeatedly going through the warmup phase and delaying multiple page scans.

The OCR performed poorly in my setting, but I do OCR of my PDFs in PDF-XChange-Viewer anyhow.