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If security is your biggest concern, NoScript is a good add-on. You can set it to allow or deny websites access to your computer as you see fit.

The downside is that it is in no way convenient. You have to manually white list basically every website when you first try to access them. There can be half a dozen web address choices (or more) that come up and some of them could be necessary for functions of the website to work properly or they could be crap that you actually want to block. The domain names may be helpful in deciding which are which, but there isn't always a way of knowing which ones to white list or deny without some trial and error.

I used NoScript for a good while, but finally got tired of messing with it whenever I visited a new website, so I removed it. It just wasn't worth the aggravation to me.

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Makes you aware of what websites are doing and to disable their excesses.


Breaks everything, employs malware tactics to make money

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This script may protect you from bad things on the internet, but it also breaks every single site you visit. If you want to manually "Allow" 3-4 different domains on every site you visit just to allow things to work correctly, this is the extension for you. It really should operate on a domain whitelist that's updated from a central source, instead, like Adblock Plus. Forcing every user to create their own whitelist, which is 99% the same as every other user's, is a huge waste of everyone's time.

Additionally, the NoScript authors used malware techniques to disable Adblock Plus on their own sites, purely to make money. I wouldn't trust them, and I'd like to find an alternative.