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There may have been a time that this program was free for personal use, but now you only get to Evaluate it for 15 days before you have to buy it. After downloading Nitro Reader, I noticed that during the installation there was an advanced option for turning certain installation tasks off. It does, in fact, like to make sure that it is In control of control of everything PDF on your PC. I personally don't like it whenever programs try to take control of everything. once I finished the installation and got the program up and running, I went to the file menu and was presented with this confusing interface for browsing for a file only to click a "browse button" to have it open the friendly and very familiar open file dialog. They should've simply kept the interface simple with a file open menu instead of that weird app thing that is a bit too showy.

I haven't tried Sumatra PDF yet, but that's next on my to do list.

Since I'm here and you're here, allow me to climb up on my soap box and exclaim how much I hate the tablet PC interface that everything is adopting. I understand that tablets are popular and many people make use of them, but it is really not necessary to fashion every single program that you can after a push button tap on the screen type of user interface. It is not futuristic or attractive however, it is boring and lacking in imagination. Boxes, boxes come get your boxes! I, personally am not a big fan of that myself because I'm not addicted to a tablet or a cell phone and do not have to have it with me every single moment of every single day!

Okay, that is the end of my rant and you have a nice day!


Nitro PDF is useful in combination with Sumatra PDF etc

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Sumatra PDF is hands-down the fastest and best PDF reader that is only used for reading, and nothing else. I use it in the PortableApps suite. For creating and editing PDF files, especially the quick and easy way by "printing to PDF", Nitro PDF is a good replacement for PDF Creator, which used to be popular, but has had a lot of controversy due to unethical malware bundled with it. For everything Sumatra PDF can't do, Nitro PDF has worked well for me. I also use PDFescape.com for adding signatures and other little edits.


Nitro Reader has a nice signature functionality. Can do a bit of annotation, too.