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Read the License!

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While free for non-commercial use, this is not open source software.

Be sure to read the license!

This is far too broad for me. I won't use it.


Thank you for pointing that out. In today's world that is unacceptable, I get needing ad revenue but that is a red flag

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Stardock Fences would be my favorite icon grouper, but its license activation is unstable and obsessively paranoid. It randomly loses its activation and I have to re-activate. Nimi Places gives me nearly the same functionality without the activation hassles. I just wish Nimi Places could perform its organization without my having to move my stuff into separate folders, for reasons. Still, I'd rather do that than to continue the Stardock activation battles.

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It's a great, free alternative to Fences, which is cool but proprietary and thus, evil. xP

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It does not work at all after I upgraded it to the recent version (7/7/2018). That's why I have to replace it with an alternative.

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it's very..crappy...and the EULA is horrendous.

install our shite tool and we can steal your computer data in any way we feel necessary!!

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This is my second time attempting to use this product. The first time did not go well at all and i removed it from my system. This time, I have been able to make it work (so far) and these are some suggestions I would make to the product. It would be nice if the following would be made to happen:

  • Make the tiny icons option smaller still.
  • Avoid truncating names (for a folder called "Misc Information" let it show "Misc Information" instead of "Misc Informati...". I can make the window itself as wide as I want, allow the full file or folder name to be displayed).
  • Align file and folder names to the left. If you want to make this a changeable option, so others could align them center or right, that's fine.
  • Make it so the title of the window can be adjusted.
  • More theme options

very nice concept, size but seems it'll cost, buggy

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  • amazing small size/speed and responsiveness in my win7 pc
  • buggy concerning downloadable themes etc
  • not very well explained (no help file, wiki etc)
  • free !, maybe if its finished it'll cost...
  • it seems that the software has just started, who knows if it will be abandoned
  • beats fences one handed, at least in functional concept, looks, ideas and performance

My experience:

went to , looked for the download icon... it's at the bottom, once there, be amazed of the size, just ~300KB, awesome !, after downloaded, the .exe expands in a folder, theres no installation, after you run it be prepared to really like it but also to be frustrated that feels like an unfinished software, no open source, I ended up saving the .exe and maybe find a year after today...

A software like this is very needed... the grouping of content is really useful


Hello User :)
as to easy Your worries and reply to any concerns:

  • Nimi projects is non-profit, software projects are available as **freeware for non-commercial use **
  • since April/March we are in midst of upgrading our server-side infrastructure (highly time/resources consuming operation), which is why some functionality issues can occur for not yet updated modules. Last time we checked downloading-syncing themes we didn't experience any problems, however we will investigate that issue. If You could provide any details of installation issue we would be grateful. Also - as You could read in our recent news - full update of infrastructure is planned to be done before December.
  • Nimi Places is developed over ~18 month now
  • we believe that upcoming documentation, as well as some other support means for existing projects - will make experience with Nimi Places more enjoyable(understandable :) ) and let all Users use its full functionality.

If You would have any questions or require support with Nimi Places - or any other Nimi project - feel free to contact us.

P.s.: if You liked desktop Nimi Places, You might also like Nimi Places for Web - extension for Chromium browsers (new tab replacement) available from Google Chrome Web Store

Best regards,
Nimi projects