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Read the License!

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While free for non-commercial use, this is not open source software.

Be sure to read the license!

This is far too broad for me. I won't use it.

Thank you for pointing that out. In today's world that is unacceptable, I get needing ad revenue but that is a red flag

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This is my second time attempting to use this product. The first time did not go well at all and i removed it from my system. This time, I have been able to make it work (so far) and these are some suggestions I would make to the product. It would be nice if the following would be made to happen:

  • Make the tiny icons option smaller still.
  • Avoid truncating names (for a folder called "Misc Information" let it show "Misc Information" instead of "Misc Informati...". I can make the window itself as wide as I want, allow the full file or folder name to be displayed).
  • Align file and folder names to the left. If you want to make this a changeable option, so others could align them center or right, that's fine.
  • Make it so the title of the window can be adjusted.
  • More theme options

very nice concept, size but seems it'll cost, buggy

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  • amazing small size/speed and responsiveness in my win7 pc
  • buggy concerning downloadable themes etc
  • not very well explained (no help file, wiki etc)
  • free !, maybe if its finished it'll cost...
  • it seems that the software has just started, who knows if it will be abandoned
  • beats fences one handed, at least in functional concept, looks, ideas and performance

My experience:

went to , looked for the download icon... it's at the bottom, once there, be amazed of the size, just ~300KB, awesome !, after downloaded, the .exe expands in a folder, theres no installation, after you run it be prepared to really like it but also to be frustrated that feels like an unfinished software, no open source, I ended up saving the .exe and maybe find a year after today...

A software like this is very needed... the grouping of content is really useful

Hello User :)
as to easy Your worries and reply to any concerns:

  • Nimi projects is non-profit, software projects are available as **freeware for non-commercial use **
  • since April/March we are in midst of upgrading our server-side infrastructure (highly time/resources consuming operation), which is why some functionality issues can occur for not yet updated modules. Last time we checked downloading-syncing themes we didn't experience any problems, however we will investigate that issue. If You could provide any details of installation issue we would be grateful. Also - as You could read in our recent news - full update of infrastructure is planned to be done before December.
  • Nimi Places is developed over ~18 month now
  • we believe that upcoming documentation, as well as some other support means for existing projects - will make experience with Nimi Places more enjoyable(understandable :) ) and let all Users use its full functionality.

If You would have any questions or require support with Nimi Places - or any other Nimi project - feel free to contact us.

P.s.: if You liked desktop Nimi Places, You might also like Nimi Places for Web - extension for Chromium browsers (new tab replacement) available from Google Chrome Web Store

Best regards,
Nimi projects