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Kind of like shareX, but with evernote web features, an image gallery tagging system, and video/sound recording webm format

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As title description above

Its kind of like shareX, but it supports video recording and webm format
It has its own dedicated hosting platform so you don't bootleg off imgur

Its like youtube, in the sense you can share webm format videos to people which is convenient (Screencasts with audio, similar to mp4 style)

Its like evernote with its folder / tag structures but faster and better

paid service lets you have large upload limits ($5/month)

I have only tried it for like 10 minutes though, it seems like there's video previewing on the servers, but you cannot manage the URL links generated in your notetaking application which is kind of stupid

Its the same thing as evernote notes

Its worse than shareX because shareX gets the job done way faster, but its better that there's longer video uploads and can share it like youtube links and tag image links

Its better than snagit from techsmith

Also worse than shareX in the sense I cannot choose who my image / file host will be. I don't like being tied down to somebody else's server that I do not chose. I like being able to choose the fastest servers (images with imgur, amazonS3 for files) out there.

I might use it purely for making .webm format screencasts, youtube-ish style

EDIT A day Later..

I decided that I really don't like this software, despite all its pros.
I have compared it to shareX and evernote since that its basically a hybrid clone of both.

It runs on a combination of Ruby, NodeJS, angularJS, with its website based in PHP


  1. I might use it just as a tool to name a screenshot image / video and save it locally in its own folder. Things like videos, screencasts, etc. Kind of like techsmith snagit. Or like camtasia studio
  2. Mobile App, using it similar to upload videos from my phone maybe

PROS vs ShareX

  1. Its vastly superior to ShareX's scrolling capture function by miles
  2. Unlike shareX, this program has REGEX functions to name specific files (e.g. I can name an image based on the URL, making documenting easier)
  3. Has a mobile app, chrome and web app

CONS vs ShareX

  1. I cannot find have a duplicated 1:1 files saved locally. I don't trust things stored purely on someone elses server and not locally at all (what happens if the company disappears?)
  2. The company most likely originates from Russia, since its forum URL (and its forum layout) is so weird and there's lots of russian users using it https://fvdmedia.userecho.com/forums/1-everhelper/
  3. The image URL's shared are not actual URL's , but unique file URL's so I cannot integrate it with a URL previewer on chrome like HoverZoom or Imagus
  4. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to disable shortcut keys on the chrome extension. You'd think it'd be easy, but disabling it under chrome extensions -> keyboard and directly through the extension, neither works.
  5. ShareX lets me pick whatever host I want, and I have full control of my data and where it goes to
  6. ShareX can work anywhere on my desktop, not just chrome
  7. ShareX supports gif functions much better
  8. ShareX has greenshot image port,which is much better image editor

PROS vs Evernote

  1. Has a TO-DO List area which is nice
  2. Automatically differentiates types of notes (video, image, etc)
  3. Gesture based features for new notes in mobile app


  1. Evernote has more real estate area usage, nimbus note looks like megablocks and evernote looks like legos in terms of UI

I'll have to look into this over the span of a week to really see if I want to use this program or not.

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Potentially not secure. Lots of features. Easy.

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The good
• Lots of features
• Easy to use

The bad
• Potentially not secure. Because the code is not available publicly. So it can not be review by the public. In other words, there is a risk of abuse. Such as recording screenshots and videos of your private life without your consent.
• It is own by a for-profit corporation called "Nimbus Web Inc". It is not owned by a not-for-profit community. Usually a corporation first priority is to hoard money. Not serve you and protect your privacy.


clever, elegant, right down to the pixel

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Next, brain surgery.