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Nightingale REST API Client Reviews

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This is the best API tester app. Other similiar apps are using Electron which eat huge amount of space and RAM.
In my opinion, an app just to test API should not be that huge resource eater.

For features, this app fills my need but there's no custom HTTP method yet which I seldom use.
First time using I was confused why my requests were gone from the list, turned out you need to hit 'save' to save the requests. It would be better to auto save the requests after closing like Postman.

The only minus for me is you need to use Windows 10 and can only be installed via the Windows Store. I hope that someday the developer can make standalone app that can be compatible with Windows 7 too. I see no reason why the app need Windows 10 and the store.


about Nightingale REST API Client · · 1 Helpful Report as spam

It's very simple to use since it's from the Microsoft store, but it has the same features as the more popular rest api clients. And best of all, it's blazing fast.