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Nexusfile - best file manager in the world?

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This was posted on the main website's forum for this application, but applies here as a comment/review.

Posted at 2011-11-23 12:53:27 by drhouse

I have used an excellent file manager for many years until now called ExplorerXP (explorerxp.com). The issue was that nobody has updated that program in many years and also it's so old that it has visual conflicts with a new theme I use with Windows7.

I decided to look for a new compatible file manager. I formed a list of every program on the market available as of today, including both freeware and commercial products. After researching each one, I found that Nexusfile is at the top of the list. It has the most features I'm looking for, similar to ExplorerXP, along with new ones, that I enjoy trying out and visually it looks absolutely stunning, the best by far, especially the black skin and color scheme (aside for my improving the folder colors by changing them from red to white).

Here are some features I would really like to see in upcoming releases (these were implemented in ExplorerXP):

  • file sizes for everything including directory folders without manually 'calculate selected folder size', this should have an option to set to auto like 'Calculate Folder Sizes: Always/Never'.

  • date sort option to sort folders and files all mixed together

  • size sort should include folders, as of now they only remain name sorted

    • I have 12 default folders that I like to have open in tabs. I want them to auto open on program start with 'Save Tabs as Default'. Right now the user can save them in Favorites, but then they still have to manually load each one into tabs even though with hotkeys. * (see Update below)

Possible Bug:

  • When using Nexusfile to run 'Computer Cleanup' after checking 'Empty Recycle Bin' and pressing 'Cleanup' button, program seems to have operated but then freezes after and can only be closed by killing its process.

Having said all that, fantastic job on making the current best file manager in the world, managing to beat out even commercial products for free!

  • drhouse

UPDATE 22/11/11: After restarting my PC for the first time since installing Nexusfile I saw that the folders I had opened from last session had re-opened on Nexusfile startup (this didn't happen previously when opening it). Also I noticed the files remain Date Sorted as I had them before closing, which means it both remembered the sorting options in each folder along with which folders were open from last session, which was a pleasant surprise.