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Nextcloud is in my cloud

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The best solution for my private cloud: more configurable and stable than others.
The best for help make my docs really privates!


I love the idea of NextCloud. But it doesn't meet my needs. It might yours, though. So don't give up on it!

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I love open source software, and in the story of NextCloud and its OwnCloud roots, I side - overall - with NextCloud. For reasons of freedom and openness and trying to make the world a better software place. But... I won't use NextCloud in the near future and the reason is that my needs aren't met by the NextCloud client. It seeks to allow me to sync my files between multiple computers. But I have - literally - hundreds of thousands of (very small, ie <100kB) files to sync. And the NextCloud client can't cope with this. It tries to catalogue everything and gets stuck, lags, and mashes up the sync. That was the case with OpenCloud's v9 client and it's true of NextCloud v11.

I love the idea of NextCloud, but it doesn't work for me.

If you're not a special case like me, try it; I think it might be worth your while, so you can escape the tyrrany of evil services like Dropbox and Google Drive, who have your number, can read your files and must give it to the NSA if asked without telling you.

Otherwise, spare a thought for the low price, reliable and EU-based (now

Yes, syncing hundreds of thousands of very small files is a though challenge and the current client isn't super good at it. However, we have made progress already and are working on a more complete solution - be sure to check it out again in half a year or so ;-)

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It is the most reliable, enterprise-ready solution for keeping data under control.

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I have used NextCloud a few months back and encounted many issues with the syncing client. The website side was strong but without the sync functionality, I feel that this platform has lost my interest.

The website side is strong.

For this reason I use seafile for the time being. The website side is lacking since I am using the Windows version of the server, but the syncing client works flawlessly to get my files where they need to be.

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Looks very promising to enable a power user to create his personal platform to work from.


waaaaay toooo complicated

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owncloud was slow and crappy but at least u could set it up. that is ridiculous and i've wasted so much time on the *cloud. not ever again

Sweeping generalisation --- details?

Yeah, exactly... details? Did you try to self-host or did you use a service? What was hard to set up? What failed? Did anything work? What was the use case? Where was the difficulty?