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It's apparently a new app for RSS reading. I've been using Google Reader ever since it exists and switched to Feedly after Google Reader was shut down. Recently (actually, just today) I tried Newsify and like it a lot. Primarily because Newsify supports -- wait for it --
If you have been using Feedly you'll know many of the biggest news outlets such as WSJ and Financial Times, and thenextweb does something like "the story continues on [link]" and only gives you partially the text. It's very annoying and because RSS readers users uses RSS clients mainly for a quick and massive information in-take, having Full Text without needing to load a new tab, wait for a few seconds, is significantly much better user experience and efficiency.

Though the newsify site is apparently not very full-featured such as it's not easy to do quick sharing on SNS(Twitter, FB, etc), and it doesn't allow for star and bookmark, or notes at all. However the single feature of full-text outweighs everything.
4 star for the full-text and 1 star left for all other features pending development, and the android version is not in the roadmap.