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Confusing for Beginners - how to install?

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NixNote claims to be for Windows, Mac and Linux, but primarily Linux. Ok. But what about Windows and Mac? How should it be installed? No obvious information to this effect. For beginners, that's about as helpful as an ashtray on a motorcycle.


Portable EverNote-alternatives: CherryTree, Pnotes, NixNote?

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No portable Evernote version because there is no permission from the publisher

On there have been created portable versions of Evernote developed under the format and for use in the Platform. But the developers had no permission from the publisher to repackage the freeware. So unfortunatelly the link to the illegally packaged software had to be removed by mod JTH. But very many people need a portable Evernote version, which can be executed on a DropBox-, TeamDrive- or USB-stick-folder. Both DropBox and TeamDrive can be executed portable, but only DropBox can sync through all business proxy servers. TeamDrive cannot sync through some proxy servers.

Best portable Note-Apps CherryTree and PNotes cannot be used on SmartPhones

People, who have no admin rights on their business computers must use PNotes Portable or CherryTree portable until now. PNotes Portable is quite good, similar to Evernote, and able to use images in the Notes (also pasted from the clipboard). PNotes is able to sync the notes with an FTP-account and supports automatically working internet-links and you can search with tags and words in the text with very quick results similar to evernote:

In CherryTree you can save big notebooks with a hierarcical and tagged note-structure in ctd-files and in CherryTree you also can paste images from the clipboard to the notes, but there is not tag-list, and the search function and not-automated internet-link-setting is not so good as in PNotes.

Nevernote with Evernote-SmartPhone-access waits for a developer making a portable version

The best app similar to Evernote is its Open Source-Brother-App NeverNote (= NixNote).
It is able to be synchronized with the Evernote account and able to use images and rich formatting features in the Notes. All functions are nearly equal to those of Evernote. Both neither for EverNote nor for NeverNote exists a portable version until Feb. 2012. Only Evernote and NeverNote (NixNote) have access to the notes from all SmartPhones, CherryTree and PNotes only can be used on desktop computers.
Because NixNote is Open Source it should be legal to make a portable NixNote version.

So I suggest to make a portable version of NeverNote = NixNote