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Better than Feedly

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After importing your OPML file from Google Reader Feedly just does not let you add RSS of your own choosing, just let you pick from their selection of sources. NetVibes is the best cross platform solution I've found. The mobile version of its web app loads OK in the default Android browser but is not usable yet in Firefox for Android.


The fact that you don't understand how to add feeds doesn't mean it is not possible.

Great Replacement for Yahoo

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I had been using yahoo for my portal, then switched to iGoogle and it was discontinued. So I went back to Yahoo. Yahoo's new design is going to be changed so that it looks like Windows 8. That's not what I want--a half dozen squares of teasers that ask you to swipe to get another page of teasers...and so forth. Fipboard for iOS also uses the tile idea. I configured Flipboard on my iPad and am happy with it but one of those deals is enough, and I use Flipboard for a variety of narrow topics/long form reads and photo galleries. Net vibes has widgets like iGoogle did, but you can add your custom RSS feeds too. And the tabs are easy to manage. To me, this combines the best of iGoogle and the existing My Yahoo. It is a great portal to get the top of the day's news in several categories and that's just what I like to read over my first cup o' joe.

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One of the few aggregators that does closed social networks *and* RSS

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If you're looking for an agregator that fetches both RSS feeds, and information streams for most of the social networks around here (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter...), then Netvibes is one of the few actors that can natively achieve this, all in one single screen.

Hootsuite can do this, too, but you'll need to ad their own add-on called "Hootsuite Syndicator" which is less flexible and less easy to use.

Also, Netvibes is about 10 years old, and owned by a big corp (Dassault Systèmes, of Catia fame), so I guess it's quite perennial compared to rcent startups in this field.