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I am a media fan: just interested in enjoying my media. And I like simplicity combined with features - this is the reason why I decided to buy a Mac.

My first trials with media centers - many years ago - were very frustrating:

Front Row was already installed, Mac like, free of charge, and the interface was not too bad, but its features? It is a miracle for me why people ask to get it back.
Just imagine hundreds of music videos: after starting and watching one video, the nice animated GUI returned to itself forcing me to select another video. Did (or do) I miss a way how to watch multiple videos one after the other?

By the way: the "Videos" app on iPad is even worse: it needs two (!) steps to start one video and then it returns. And Apple TV seems to consider if it should play the next video... :-)

Then I tried MediaCentral, Plex, XBMC and some other media centers... and I was surprised: it seems that I am part of a minor group of users who just want to watch (sometimes short) videos.

A media center is just a "tool" for me: it must help me to easily find, select and watch my media. 95 percent of time I do not even want to see the media center, its GUI and the metadata: I want to watch media.

This should be a review of nessMediaCenter, and not about the disadvantages of other applications. Otherwise the review would be very, very long and I would compare things like 10 feed interface, DVD or iTunes DRM support, file name convention, privacy, Windows look & feel...

Thus I will come to the point: I do not know another application which combines simplicity and features.

And thanx for the "random" playback / playlist feature: I am again and again surprised to see music videos I did not even remember to have.

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