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nero wave editor rocks

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for anyone using nero to burn their cd's: in it's toolpack there's the **Nero Wave Editor **- this product is excellent for editing and cutting most audio formats including .MP3 and .WAV and .FLAC and can be used to convert file formats, "normalize" soundlevels, create loopfiles (by selecting part of the file) and saving it in "save selection" and make high quality fade-ins and fade-outs in 4 manners. I would highly recommend this tool because of it's high quality output. it's a must-use for those who like mixing, cutting, recording etc. I personally use total recorder 4 to record my clips, then edit, cut and fade them with this tool.

apart from all above this tool also carries excellent effects which you can either use as an effect over your mastermix or use as an editor for individual samples of individual instuments. by (re)creating your own samples and extending, transposing, fading, verbing, phasing, de-essing, chorusing them until you come up with completely new audio material.

have been using it for the past 5 years and haven't found a better or quicker alternative for creating instant editing. you can scroll in to bit-level waveform and cut on a millisecond - in seconds.

my system has a lame codec/encoder installed for great mp3 quality but use any other codec and wave editor will use those too.

most underrated tool up here in my opinion.

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