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useless POS

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1stly, zero configuration my rear. Secondly, after all the "issues" were resolved and no problems could be located, everyone is logged in, but none of us can see all of us. Before someone decides to say well you must have had this or that setting wrong - NO we did not, I went to each physical computer and verified in person that the settings were correct. I was able to manually ping each machines IP that NR gave it, proving that all of us were in fact connected to the server, and yet machines were not seeing each other when they should have been. It was like musical chairs, somebody was always missing a seat.

It just. does. not. work. It is supposed to handle up to 256 clients. It does not. Several plugins for it are outright broken as well, and some plugins help just opens a webpage as has become standard these days (why lord why?), only to 404...