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This is probably one of the worst programs I have ever used

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The concept is sound, i.e., create a software package that will help you scan and organize all of your documents so that you can get rid of the paper clutter in your life. But, the execution is horrible. This program crashes constantly (in the last three hours I have had it crash 13 times and require 2 reboots!). It has a horrible memory leak which it has had since at least very early version 4 and it really doesn't play well with 64-bit Windows. Every update they release I hope will be the one that actually fixes the problem, but after having used it for close to 4 years, no dice.

This was supposed to be a time saving device, but the constant crashes really don't save me any time and have me searching around for better/more stable alternatives. If you haven't purchased this product yet, I would stay clear of it until they get their act together.


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The concept is fantastic. The product is not. Their legacy software, no longer supported, was really great years ago, rich with valuable features. The ability to personalize the display, reorganize, search, manage folders, create reports - All fantastic and incredibly useful. Unfortunately, they were not able to improve with the times, and as operating systems changed, their product got worse and worse. They chose to attempt to create a product that works across multiple platforms and generates monthly income. Fine, but without a dependable product and decent support (theirs is horrible) it's not going to make much money. Their new product is missing most of the features that made the original so flexible and useful, and it does not work consistently. Their online and phone support is practically non-existent, and if you are fortunate enough, or patient enough, to speak to a real person, their knowledge of the product is seldom good enough to successfully solve the problem.