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I'm running the 1.8.2 version (december, 2020).

First run
first, it's slow, even on a powered computer. But it's open-source, with a great console (based on consoleZ) and it comes with adminer, PHPMyAdmin, MySQL (port 3306), MariaDB (port 3307) and PostGreSQL (port 5432)... and MongoDB (port 21017), Filezilla, MailHog (port 25), Memecached (port 11211), SVN and others services like node.JS (version 13.12) : it's more than needed.
So, you've to disable some services if you don't want to works with.

This is the full version (306 MB), you can choose with two others versions (basic 111MB or light 44MB)

When right-clicking on the systray icon, you could change the language for english, french, hungarian or swedish ; you could change browser, check for updates, view logs...
When left clicking on the same icon, you could do a lot of things, especially, enable/disable services, open console (a great console where you can use 'dir' or 'ls' and with autocompletion, colors, multitabs, etc.)

others great ideas

  • it's easy to generate an SSL certificate.
  • The project still alive, so it would be a good replacement for uWamp and other discontinued applications.

some problems I ran with

  • Some applications aren't working from menus (example, shows an alert message when trying to start PHPMyAdmin from right click menu) but available throw the main webpage at http://localhost