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I'm the VP of Engineering at Tecademics - the world's leading source of quality curriculum and software covering all aspects of Internet Marketing & online commerce.

We've been working - daily - with the team at Nanobox since it's alpha/beta phases running Windows 10, Ubuntu, and Mac OS environments.

Myself and our team members can safely say Nanobox is the single best thing to happen to the technology space in what seems like a decade. With the sprawling advancements in virtual hosting providers and local environment configurations, working across the various systems & cultures of our team(s) was strenuous at best.

Gone are the days new hires try to configure a custom Vagrant box only to go home crying a week later having failed in vain at making Windows happy with seemingly infinite-depth folder structures of node modules. Gone are the days packages sneak into production unexpectedly (dammit Scott!) or local XAMPP configs crap out trying to run MongoDB.

On a fresh laptop, our latest dev was up and running with Nanobox - repos cloned, DB imported, local running - in 7 minutes flat. Unheard of.

Thank you team for your constant excellence and infinite patience with my 10,000 requests. Cheers to a great product and many years of efficient, effective, stress-free development upon them.

  • John Razmus