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MyTetra use classic open format for all object: XML for Tree, HTML for text, PNG for picture, INI for config file.

If SWITCH ON data crypt, the all text data encrypt by RC5-32/12/16 algorythm with CBC block chaining (RC5Simple library). Before, password appendet by random salt and prepare by PBKDF2 with 1000 rounds.

Encrypt data format:

enter image description here

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I was unable to find any hotkeys. That pretty much nixed this from my list.

Layout is nice, but right click, scroll, left click, shift to keyboard, type, return, shift to mouse, right click, left click, scroll, shift to keyboard, type, etc.

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Interesting progran? alternative Evernote



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It is very low on dependencies!
It is very pretty!
It has TAGS!
It supports identation of paragraphs and regular text!
It supports drag-n-drop of elements!
It supports images and tables - all mouse controlled!
It supports HTMLT output!
View can be modified with a button!
Supports normal and portable mode!
Works on MANY PLATFORMS, from Linux to Android!
It supports at least russian and english. I am very sure it needs translations!
And donations :) A really REALLY brilliant piece of software.

All other projects literally SUCK: They are either ugly, overloaded, primitive, cost a lot or unmaintained!


  • It works in default directory in user home, so you must compress and rename your revisions manually. But its really misc. thing.
  • Does not support spelling check. But what the hell!

Absolutely recommended!!!!

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JohnAlternate here again!

I am downvoting this. There is a major bug in Development (current) version. If you delete an entry, it also deletes an entry beneath.

Also Links are not supported.

Also no option to paste without formating.

Also some shortcuts to Header 1, 2, 3 would be nice (those are absent)

Also Selection of topmost used fonts would be nice - only whole list of fonts is displayed.

Also undelete works really bad - there is only one undo. If you delete it, you still have a chance of finding it in special "Trash" folder, although its not integrated in any way.

n the positive side - formating workflow has been nice. Tags are nice. Image support worked. I loved the application, but the first bug is a stop-show.

Yes, Development version is not for everyday use.

Do you try new version 1.42 (from 2017)?

This release is first from more year at previous release.