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MyTetra use classic open format for all object: XML for Tree, HTML for text, PNG for picture, INI for config file.

If SWITCH ON data crypt, the all text data encrypt by RC5-32/12/16 algorythm with CBC block chaining (RC5Simple library). Before, password appendet by random salt and prepare by PBKDF2 with 1000 rounds.

Encrypt data format:

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Disappointing (portable version)
v1.44.31 (29-Sep-2018)

Folders cannot incl a description, other than a child note.
-- folder captions are not enough
Notes cannot be promoted (nor demoted) to folder status
-- notes can be moved up or down but not as a new folder
Date format in Preferences is pointless because there is no hotkey (nor menu item) to insert date.
Is limited to one dBase, ie itself
-- this feature might be available if the program is "installed" version
All notes are RTF, personally I would prefer all text
Notes toolbar buttons ...
-- too many are not identifiable because of the lack of tip popups (on some btns)
-- buttons are very small, too small especially "cells" buttons
New line defaults to column #1 of text, even if the previous line was indented (with Tab)
-- Metapad360 has this feature
Too may steps to access notes ie, 3 panes to navigate, just to get to a note.
Two settings windows ...
-- took me several hours to find the second one, while searching for "date" insertion
-- using my date format
Preferences -> Note Area ... controls squash up when Preferences window is reduced in height
-- so many options would be better served in a scroll-box.
Menubar is too basic eg, sub menu to reveal maybe function of pane buttons would help
-- local hot keys in (eg) a format menu along with the relative icon would help
-- dynamic menus could identify the active pane and hide (not just disable) irrelevant btn/controls
GUI is very old style, so many PIMs/Outliners are 2 panes but MyTetra is 3 panes.

Sorry to be so negative but this program needs a lot of modifying to make it simpler in 2018 and later

What I did like ...
left hand gutter in notes before column/character #1
tables in notes


"-- too many are not identifiable because of the lack of tip popups (on some btns)"
Just hover the mouse pointer over a tool bar button and see description in the status bar (below notes panel)- this serves as tool tip.

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I liked it very much basically due to the 3 fields: tree, titles under folder and text. HOWEVER, after spending like 4 hours inserting text and creating a very nice tree structure I close the app and COULD NEVER REOPEN IT. Error was "cannot find mytetra.xml file". I made 2 searches in my HD, no results. I ran the debug app and got a result indicating the possible directory where the file was. I copied that mytetra.xml file to the directory I had allocated for keeping the file/s (a Dropbox subdirectory with Dropbox sync stopped) and nothing. As soon as I click the app icon to open Mytetra I get the same error msg. I decompressed another folder with all the tetra files, clicked on the new icon, same result. Very frustrating. I don't know what to do, I'm new to this site and am not a techie but a user looking for a good product. If anyone reads this and can offer a solution, I'd be very grateful. Meanwhile I will continue my search for a good, usable, practical database. Thanks.


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I was unable to find any hotkeys. That pretty much nixed this from my list.

Layout is nice, but right click, scroll, left click, shift to keyboard, type, return, shift to mouse, right click, left click, scroll, shift to keyboard, type, etc.



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It is very low on dependencies!
It is very pretty!
It has TAGS!
It supports identation of paragraphs and regular text!
It supports drag-n-drop of elements!
It supports images and tables - all mouse controlled!
It supports HTMLT output!
View can be modified with a button!
Supports normal and portable mode!
Works on MANY PLATFORMS, from Linux to Android!
It supports at least russian and english. I am very sure it needs translations!
And donations :) A really REALLY brilliant piece of software.

All other projects literally SUCK: They are either ugly, overloaded, primitive, cost a lot or unmaintained!


  • It works in default directory in user home, so you must compress and rename your revisions manually. But its really misc. thing.
  • Does not support spelling check. But what the hell!

Absolutely recommended!!!!

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JohnAlternate here again!

I am downvoting this. There is a major bug in Development (current) version. If you delete an entry, it also deletes an entry beneath.

Also Links are not supported.

Also no option to paste without formating.

Also some shortcuts to Header 1, 2, 3 would be nice (those are absent)

Also Selection of topmost used fonts would be nice - only whole list of fonts is displayed.

Also undelete works really bad - there is only one undo. If you delete it, you still have a chance of finding it in special "Trash" folder, although its not integrated in any way.

n the positive side - formating workflow has been nice. Tags are nice. Image support worked. I loved the application, but the first bug is a stop-show.

Yes, Development version is not for everyday use.

Do you try new version 1.42 (from 2017)?

This release is first from more year at previous release.

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Interesting progran? alternative Evernote