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A great bulletin board program

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Pros: Easy to install, configure and customize with MySQL/PHP5 support
Cons: None that I've discovered yet.

I've used PHPBB for years but recently found that it was starting to feel lacking especially concerning ease of use and MySQL/PHP 5 support. I stumbled upon MyBB while searching through alternativeTo.net and after looking at the website and reading about the features for a while I thought I'd give it a try. Wow am I happy I did. MyBB has all of the feature of PHPBB and more. Its very easy to install and configure and allows for the same high level customization. Its template and theme creator are absolutely wonderful for people with no programming knowledge or advanced users and I was able to create a custom theme in minutes.
I'm very happy overall with MyBB and will be using it for years to come! I can't recommend it enough.

My Rating: 90%