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just great

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after comparing MLO to other "standard" todo apps like RTM, Astrid, Any.DO as well as other list-capable tools like Evernote and Wunderlist, I found that no other software in the market is nearly as customizable and versatile as MLO. also worth mentioning is the interactive approach the developer takes towards further releases, where users can vote for their most-desired features to be implemented. didn't have any technical difficulties, so I can't really judge the support.

been a fan for several years now, using the app on Windows (both desktop and laptop, at work and at home) and Android (via Cloud Sync) in the PRO version, I'm still amazed by the features MLO offers and integrates into one sound task management concept. only drawback is the not-so-fancy look of the Windows app, hoping for an upgrad with the V4 here ;)


MyLifeOrganized Software Review

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MyLifeOrganized is a powerful task management program for those who are serious about getting things done. In many ways, the program is ideal for those who are already familiar with David Allen's GTD training programs. However, for those who are not, the interface is intuitive enough that you can get started with a few of the tutorials available on the MyLifeOrganized Website.

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