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MX Toolbox free tools are great - but think twice before upgrading to their paid plans.

Like many other software vendors - they make an offer of a risk-free one-month trial. However, they don't actually refund you your money if you cancel before 30 days. Here is my example: I signed up for their delivery center option on November 10, 2018 and was promptly billed $99. I used the service for 2 days, realized the paid features were overkill for my needs, so called to cancel November 12 (two days after signup.) They acknowledged my cancellation by email but never credited back my account for the $99.

On December 15 I emailed, On December 17th I called their toll-free line. They said: ("getting a refund would require managers approval and it's not a certain thing.") No sign of any refund as-yet, no confirmation from the company following the call of what to expect on refund. Their response to my email was "Sorry, we can't process that sort of thing by email. Either call or create a support ticket." Unfortunately, the support ticket option is available only for active subscribers. Here is an image from their website taken December 2018 in which they describe their "risk-free" offer. https://postimg.cc/mhgzm197

In summary -- their free tools are good. Just be aware that their free trial is not like how most other software vendors manage their trial promotions. And that if you signup thinking you'll get a refund, you may get a $99 surprise.