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Constraints and Non-Constraints to be aware of w.r.t. Mura CMS

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Note that Mura CMS is a ColdFusion / Java application.

  • If Java is a requirement for your platform, make sure you are evaluating only Java-based alternatives.
  • If your platform doesn't support Java (or ColdFusion, if you don't know about Java), don't consider Mura.
  • If your platform doesn't explicitly support ColdFusion but does support Java, there is a good chance you can use Mura (using the Railo ColdFusion replacement).

If you are limited to ColdFusion/Java, Mura is the best CMS option I am aware of.

However, I would not choose it over an equal or even slightly poorer PHP, Python or Ruby alternative, because it's too hard to find ColdFusion developers.