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Mullvad are one of the only VPNs to support the cutting edge WireGuard protocol. I use this together together with SOCKS5, and get speed increases of up 1000% compared with OpenVPN.


I wouldn't use a VPN based in the EU lmao

If there are genuinely no logs and they don't know who you are (because they don't ask for any personal information unlike with other VPN providers), then the jurisdiction is of less importance. For example, Edward Snowden has endorsed San Francisco based Signal, and his approval was validated when Open Whisper were recently compelled by a federal subpoena to hand over info on a certain account. Unfortunately for the US government, the logs showed only when the user first signed up for the service and when they most recently logged in.

The same would be true for Mullvad, which - by the way - is based in a far less draconian legal system than Open Whisper. Mullvad's sign up process, in literally 2 seconds, gives you an account without you having to provide ANY personal information of any kind. No name, no email address, nothing. This is because Mullvad uses a genius token based system.

Mullvad crystally clear explain on their website what they don’t log, how they're able to achieve it and why they don't want to keep logs on you. This inspires a lot of confidence.

Further, I would rather have a transparent and ethical EU based provider than a shady Panamanian (or wherever) based one that don't even reveal who the people and developers are behind the company. Mullvad, on the other hand, is developed and run by genuine privacy activists who are well known in the community.

If you appreciate the importance of open-source and transparency in general, then using one of your "non-EU" services represents the antithesis IMO.

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Many VPN providers on the market but almost all are gangrened by affiliate marketing, while the money should be spent for security, remember that no VPN is a miracle product, but if you are looking for one, Mullvad is a good choice :

-Use WireGuard
-No affiliate programm
-No informations required for registration
-Accept cash payment
-Is open-source
-Uses bare metal servers
-Has a real address with a real team, not like many who are just shell companies
-Has been security audited by Cure53, an independent German company and made the results public
-Trust is not an argument in favor of a VPN, then you must judge transparency, Mullvad explains in detail their privacy policies, when those of another services are in conflicts with the information on the home pages
-Elegant website, easy to use and without pop-ups.
-Work on solutions for quantum PC.

Mullvad is OK for torrenting

Why should affiliate programs warn you and why should you avoid VPN services that practice it ?

Affiliate programs are what can be called Native advertising, in short, making a product that is not legitimate appear legitimate by paying reviewers, a VPN who does this marketing do not necessarily mean that the service is bad, but it is not ethical, and if they are willing to do so, then there is no evidence that the service in question cannot one day apply shady practices to their customers.

Two myths about VPNs :

A VPN outside the 14 eyes is better for privacy : Wrong, it's just marketing, the important thing are the privacy laws of the country where the VPN is located, Mullvad is located in Sweden, which has strict laws in addition to being subject to GDPR. For American users who would imagine being protected by the fourth amendments, this law only applies to the government and not to companies, if Google or Facebook wants sensitives data about you without the approval of a judge, they can.

A VPN that keeps logs is bad : Better a VPN that keep logs than a VPN that lies to you by promising you the opposite, in the case of Mullvad, their privacy policy guarantees not to keep logs, all the logs are redirected to /dev/null in Linux, of course, you can't check it by yourself.

Important Note : (source : privacytools.io)

Using a VPN provider will not make you anonymous, but it will give you better privacy in certain situations.

A VPN is not a tool for illegal activities.

Don't rely on a "no log" policy.

Using a VPN will not keep your browsing habits anonymous, nor will it add additional security to non-secure (HTTP) traffic.

If you are looking for anonymity, you should use the Tor Browser instead of a VPN.

If you're looking for added security, you should always ensure you're connecting to websites using encrypted DNS and HTTPS. A VPN is not a replacement for good security practices.

If you're looking for additional privacy from your ISP, on a public Wi-Fi network, or while torrenting files, a VPN may be the solution for you as long as you understand the risks involved.