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Doesn't perfectly suit me

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Lacks such essentiall features as showing folders size on spacebar press and right mouse button selection. Works on java, so don't expect fast start or work.

As advantage, it has some nice features like control sum calculate and folder comparising. Working on java makes it quite portable and crossplatformed (you can carry .jar version on your flash drive and use it on any PC with Java VM installed).


Very solid

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I used explorer forever and thought file manager replacements were silly. Lately I started exploring my options.

I've tried several explorer-like file manager replacements and this one gets my vote. The others failed because they were either too bloated, did not have good remote server/network support, did not have tabbed browsing, were not open source, or were not customizable enough.

I would use this to complement or replace the default file browser on any machine that has a GUI.

**I recommend downloading the nightly version, ** the currently released version does not have good network support and has some issues which are not fixed in a formal release yet.

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Doesn't remember settings from one run to the next.
Every time I open the app I have to set everything up again.
I don't understand why I couldn't just have a single pane file manager with the directory tree view.