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MSI Afterburner Reviews

Very handy application for recording video, overclocking and monitoring your GPU

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MSI Afterburner is surprisingly useful for recording gaming-footage. By using the JPG-Compressed Video Settings you can save a very large amount of disk space and it also uses by far less resources while recording, which makes the video and the gameplay itself lag-free. You can set the compression-quality in % - The quality loss is not very noticeable (when set around 90-95%), especially if you plan to upload it to Youtube anyway. Recording uncompressed Video is also possible.

After a recent update it also is finally possible to record two separate audio-tracks at the same time, which makes recording ingame-sound and the microphone input possible. This is very helpful for Let's Plays or for recording your own voice while using Teamspeak or similar Apps.
Sadly several Video-Editing programs don't recognize the second Audio-Track when importing, just the one with voice. Syncing the game-audio (exported with Virtualdub for example) afterwards is tricky.

Taking screenshots is also possible (BMP, PNG and JPG with % Compression)

The GPU-Monitoring window is detachable and resizeable. Overclocking settings are self-explanatory.

Make sure you deactivate the OSD on Videos in the settings, otherwise you've got the purple recording-indicator in the video.

Hint: You can smooth the steps in the fan curve by double left-clicking it, making it increase or lower the speed linear from, for example step 50% to 70% instead of directly going from 50% to 70%

Minor complaints:

  • There's no real basic skin which looks like windows, just the usual "gamerz"-styled interface.
  • The settings-window is not resizeable, therefore it's necessary to scroll to the right, each time you want to change the recording or screenshot settings

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You can collect almost any info like a FPS(min, avr, max, 1%, 0.1%, Fan speed CPU and every CPU's core temprature same time GPU temprature, mem usage, mem speed, clock speed ... etc.) and other info. same time if your graphic card support you can make software overclock. Capture video and take screen shoot but I prefer other video capture and take screenshot programs.