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With, I can create email addresses for every aspect of my life. For example, I have an alias that I use for online shopping so when I start receiving spam in a certain mailbox, I know exactly who sold out my information. It's easy to block email addresses if this does ever happen so I'm less vulnerable to online phishing. For my most important accounts (like online banking) I've created unique emails just for that - which I don't use anywhere else. This keeps those accounts safe and secure from anything else.


I love!

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Very similar to the philosophies of ProtonMail and Tutanota, but in Curaçao instead of Switzerland or Germany. The features are really powerful -- it takes a little time to understand the service, which is my only complaint. The user interface was kind of bad until earlier this year -- now they seem to be making improvements on a daily basis! I connected one of my own domains for free, then couldn't help myself but to buy a domain thru them. The *@domain feature is awesome!


Super secure and blocks spam

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I enjoy the feature of being able to create as many emails as I need for different purposes. I set up one email address to only receive mail from my contacts. I use this to communicate with my family and friends securely without the nuisance of spam or eavesdroppers. Then, I created another email address that I use only for online shopping. When an online merchant starts sending me more than the requested emails, I just block their address and never have to worry about them annoying me again. It's great!

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Setup was easy and interface is nifty. However it only supports email handles of 4 characters or more, which is unsuitable for me as I use emails like