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I don't think there is a better media player than this. I used to use the MPC-HC but because I didn't like the appearance, (yes, it's super ugly), MPC-BE was a perfect solution.

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As a video player, it's 10/10 perfect.

Notes for better experience (copied from my other comment):

  • Open options menu ("O" key), go to the bottom setting (Miscellaneous) and disable "Fast seek" to be able to freely scroll through the video bar
  • ... go to Player > History > enable "remember last window size"
  • ... go to Playback > Control > change Volume Step to 1 or 2 (I prefer 2 to use the scroll wheel for volume)

As a music player, it's seriously lacking 2/5:

  • Can't loop a playlist
  • Can't disable auto-playing through a playlist [minor issue]
  • it can shuffle to the same song... [solution: use the randomize option instead]
  • if it shuffles to the end of the playlist, it stops because there no playlist looping option [solution: use the randomize option instead, but still have to manually loop]

If it had easily accessible loop/shuffle buttons like VLC has it would be perfect



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This is far better then HC, not only it comes with a default dark skin for it but it has more options (and more advanced too).
Highly recommended.

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Works great, and keeps the magic of the old MPC-HC.