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I have tried several email clients including Outlook, Em Client, Claws Mail, Zimbra Desktop, Mailbird... and went back to Thunderbird every single time.

Thunderbird is simply still the most customizable email client out there that delivers a solid, stable performance for the unbeatable price of free.

Supports an unlimited number of mailboxes, calendards, has full-text email search, can show you an unified inbox, you can easily compose HTML messages, read RSS feeds, use extensions etc. It's really a Swiss army knife.

The only real alternative is Claws Mail if you rather prefer a fast, lightweight client.

If you only use 1-2 mailboxes (or don't mind paying) and use Windows, Em Client is a decent alternative, too, with a steady release period.

Good to know: Thunderbird is not an abandoned project, it's maintained by the community and bugfixes, minor feature updates are being released periodically.


Still one of the best alternatives to Microsoft Outlook

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With emails you can go two ways

  • Dedicated client (outlook)
  • Web client (gmail, etc)

Thunderbird is still a great alternative to microsoft outlook

Has lots of plugins

The best ones in my opinion are these in image link below

enter image description here

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Thunderbird has the best email filtering apparatus. It handles multiple email sources on your computer. I like the way I can use it to store my email in a great library on my Mac. It's search facility with a straight-forward method of defining multiple choices, choice of sub-folders. One thing I haven't learned how to do is importing and exporting email address table entries so that I can port them to my Yahoo and GMail accounts and vice-versa. From what I see on line, Thunderbird is just about the email manager - though it excludes calendar and related Outlook functions -

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Profile folder is not and can't be encrypted by Thunderbird... If your computer gets hacked, all your emails are stored in plain format...


Freezes ...

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... when dealing with big POP3 and IMAP Accounts (>3000 Emails, 300 MB) on Windows 7 x64.

Tried Evolution ... Works great.

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A valid free alternative to Thunderbird does not exist in this world. It's perfect in many ways, it also has flaws but can not convince me to remove it from all my computers that I have and I've had over time because I have not found anything so exceptional.


Have you tried mailspring?

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Has all the features, but very buggy in the email editor. Your emails end up with strange unintended font changes. What you type is not what you send, which can be embarrassing when you discover what your email looks like to the recipient.
It doesn't seem to be getting much attention from developers either. Their bug list stretches back years.
I gave up with it after using it for 2 years as I just found it too time consuming.


Font changes depend on what fonts you have installed and use to send letters. If you use the font not installed on the recipient's side, the letter will be distorted. In Thunderbird you can set up the default fonts to use for each mailbox, and you can strip formatting, too.

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I need a Thunderbird version that uses IMAP


I like it

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Really, I am not an expert, but this mailing agent works for me. I attached couple of mail boxes to it and use it daily. No bugs admitted.
I consider this the best app for Mac, for Windows I use The Bat


Excellent Email Client

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One of the best, if not thee best desktop email client.

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Páratlanul jó.

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Egyszeru és nagyszeru.Hajrá Mozilla :)

Easy and great. Go Mozilla :)

[Translated by Venom88, March 30]


I like Thunderbird and Evolution.

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I like this and Evolution. I can't really say which is better. :/


Neither can I. I cant wait until Elementary's Postler or Yorba's Geary. Both projects seems very interesting, and might make old-school clients like Thunderbird and Evolution obsolete.

I don't use it anymore

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It was too slow and it lost one attachment once, so I don't use it anymore

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I tried several pieces of libre software for Mail and Calendar and this seems to be the most usable and convenient to use. I hate that it takes too much RAM but plugin architecture is awesome. Still it is my favourite client.