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I tried it with an XMPP client:

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"" We are proud to use JAXL, the powerful XMPP library for PHP. ""


  • It can't use any kind of E2E encryption at all (might disabled manually or this kind of XMPP server does not support them)
  • no PGP
  • no OTR (Nextcloud's built-in xmpp server does support it at least)
  • no OMEMO

movim is jst the same useless "chat platform" as facebook which supported OTR once till they blocked this function too (if only you and your recipient can read the messages that is "dangerous" for them).

This service in the current form is a NO-GO, a simple TLS encryption should not be trusted and enough.

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I don't get this does not get more votes.
This is THE facebook killer, done right :

  • Open source
  • Decentralized
  • Beautiful
  • Ergonomic
  • No ads

This is just great ....

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Its the best decentralized social network that I found.
I can finally create and find groups