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Fantastic service

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Mouseflow is really great! It is very complete, fast, easy to install and on top of all that: really affordable. I had it installed in 5 minutes and improved the conversion rates of my webshop drastically since I started optimizing. Great value for money!


From ui-patterns.com

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"Mouseflow.com ups the ante from Userfly.com. At a ridiculously low cost per month, you get a smoother user recording and playback suite, as well as page analysis, click heatmaps and viewport heatmaps.

The page analysis crosses the border of Google Analytics, and will tell you things like bounce rate and average visit length. However, what traditional web analytics can’t tell you are “average interaction time”, loading time, and clicks per view. I particularly find the combination of “average visit length” and “average interaction time” interesting: are you users actually doing anything while visiting your site?

The click heatmap will give you a glimpse of what links attract attention, and perhaps just as interesting: what non-interactive parts of a page do your users believe they can interact with.

Finally, the viewport heatmap (scroll reach) will tell you if your users actually make it to the bottom of a page. Do only 10% of your users read your blog posts in their entirety?

Don’t let the simple look of mouseflow.com fool you. It’s a powerful web analytics suite that gives you plenty of statistics and features to play around with. Mouseflow had what I needed and not all that nice-to-have stuff.

Did I mention it’s a steal at its current price? At first I didn’t see it, but they charge you for recordings and not pageviews. A website with moderate user interaction have around 5-10 pageviews per recording.

UPDATE: Since this review, mouseflow.com added livestreaming (watch your users live!) and movement heat maps."

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