Mouse Recorder Premium Reviews

Very easy and straight forward to use

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Here I wrote a guide on it, for another application

Its very easy and simple to use comparitvely to other programs like Pulover's macro which I've tried as well

Program is also owned by Bartels Media group, which owns phraseexpress, so there is cross compatability Small PhraseExpress iconPhraseExpress

Thank you for your awesome contribution. We are so happy to see, that Mouse Recorder makes your life easier.


Excellent mouse-macro software

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Can do anything with this software. There is one downside to it is that you cannot cancel the running macro with the same keystroke you used to start it. Would be great if they could add that feature instead of relying on the 'move mouse to pause' or 'press key to pause' of which you can press the mouse button to pause it instead of a key (don't know if that's intended or not).

Excellent mouse-macro software, but can be improved.

Thank you for the suggestions. We are currently working on Mouse Recorder v2 and are happy to add your feedback to the wish list.