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If you want to whip something out, whip this out.

This is a great writing tool.

Simple and stays totally out of the way.

When it comes to text editors I am a vim guy. Almost 100 percent.

The rest of the time, I use this.

Ok, sometimes I also use KomodoEdit but that is another story altogether.

Sometimes I use the ruby gem called kramdown to convert markdown to text, and that is when I'm in programming-mode.

When I'm not in programming-mode and I want a more like "normal" editor where h,j,k & l are not in effect, that is where Mou comes in.


preview local images with it by typing file: inside the parens of an image link and then drag an image right onto that spot where the cursor is and wham, /Full/Path/inserted.

Awesome. I'm tellin' ya.