Awesome application!

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Okay, i have a lot of projects, and without todo-manager is imposible to manage all of them.
I have around 3-4k tasks for each project.
With my life start to be much simplier then it was before.

Before i was use TodoTxt (qtodotxt for windows), but it was not enough for me.
I found somehow in internet (because of workflowy alternatives or something like that, did't remember when, but it's not important i guess).

So, my personal review about this software:

  • Strongly recommend
  • Very fast and simple
  • Works offline with Google Application (it's important for me, because i'm not always have internet connection)
  • There are very friendly interfaces and buttons (key combination)
  • This project are free (but i plan to buy premium package later, when i got a little bit money)

What i really miss?

  • i need to know how many tasks left, and how many tasks i have
  • i really missing ctrl + c & ctrl + v shortcuts with saving structure of tasks (sometimes i need to copy-past all tasks from one list to another one)
  • i need to enable / disable a time, when this task was created
  • maybe if it possible -> make stand alone application for windows / linux / mac (google app is good, but not enough)

I will use this application without features above, it's not critical for me, because helping me a lot to know what i've done, and what i must to do.

Sorry please for my very poor english (i'm not american, and my native language is russian).
So, i really suggest to use this application. Just try guys, and you will love it.

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Advanced, powerful, well-designed, great UI, clean, enjoyable to use. Syncs across platforms. Native app for Mac, iOS and web app.