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Money Plus Sunset Deluxe Reviews

Nine years on and I still can't find anything as good as or better on Windows or Android

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MS Money Plus Sunset Deluxe was the final edition of MS Money Plus. It was issued free in 2009 free as consolation to users for Microsoft ceasing to sell its parent. MS cited the then increasing range of personal finance software being provided by banks and other developers which made it uneconomic to continue selling MS Money. I came across it whilst looking for personal finance freeware on the Internet. I downloaded it and after a relatively short learning curve, I was impressed how despite lacking all Internet functionality, it still was easy to set up and use. I have used it for several years and, it still beats the competition in managing bank accounts and borrowing.

**Let me say this: I am writing this in February 2016 and there still is nothing as good as MS Money Plus Sunset Deluxe available on Windows or Android for free. **

I've been searching long and hard, and I can't find any alternative to it that gives me the same comprehensive tools to plan my finances. It makes it easy to schedule and record transactions, and bill payments with reminders. You can also attach photos or scans to transactions so your record keeping is efficient. You can also import downloaded bank statements in .ofx format into the program, and reconcile your entries against them. Most critically for me however, is its ability to easily create schedules to track borrowing - with interest charged or interest-free loans and crefit cards. I have yet to find any free Windows or Android product that can do this. This facility has been the most useful planning tool of all. Using its wizard to set up these schedules saved me so much time and effort.

I heartily recommend MS Money Plus Sunset Deluxe as a comprehensive tool for intermediate and advanced users. It is still now available at the Microsoft Download Center for free.

There is also a second version there - MS Money Home and Business which I haven't used so I can't comment on its usefulness,
but coming from the family of products, it should be as good as the Sunset Deluxe edition.

To find either one just go Microsoft's Download Centre and search for them.

Try them. You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.


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The comment about Money Plus Sunset Deluxe not working on Windows 10 is false. I've been happily using it on Windows 10 ever since I upgraded from Windows 8. Whomever has control of such things, fix that. Otherwise, I've been happily using this app for my personal finances since 2006.


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it works in windows 10, its very interactive, easy to use, colorful

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Wonderful way to closeout.

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I've used MS Money for years and I did try some of the others (quicken, gnucash, etc). But the ease of use keep me using this. Kudos to Microsoft for releasing this as a freebee. I am with a tiny local credit union so I can't use any of the special features any financial software has, but as a digital checkbook and bill reminder it is excellent.