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Momentum.Earth is an interesting new take on a GTD (Getting Things Done)-based to-do list. At the time of writing, it is new, in beta, free and doesn't yet seem like the finished article. However, it has several major advantages over many todo lists I have seen. These include:

  • It's crossplatform (Windows, Mac, Linux, mobile... all work)
  • Simple, modern, attractive interface
  • Clear privacy policy, clear information about data storage
  • Clear explanation of how it's monetized: it's free (as in beer) for now, and they will start charging after the beta stage. Nice to know; nice to know that it's not my privacy I'm paying with.
  • Incredibly, and for this they deserve particular praise: optional end-to-end encryption of your data. You can set a password and protect your data even from the app developers. If this is correctly implemented, it is a level of privacy no other todo service I've seen offers. Absolutely fantastic!

Now, everyone's workflow differs and whether Momentrum.Earth's feature set suits you is a personal thing. So rather than me guffing on about features here and risking this review getting out-of-date as things develop, I'd rather say that Momentum.Earth deserves 10 or 15 minutes of your time to experiment.


Looked good, until I read the Server Data section of the Data Privacy Policy:-
"The underlying hosting service is Firebase" --- then goes on to link to "Firebase" privacy policy.

Firebase is Google by any other name:-

Wow. I missed that. I guess it's a good thing that they offer end-to-end crypto then. But I knocked off 2 stars from my rating just for that. Thanks for finding this!

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love the inovative design ;) interesting new way to deal with GTD lists for getting things done.

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Very nice flow and idea, i'll be back as the android app appears (for now webapp not solution for me)