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MokaFive Creator portable cannot really play vmdk-files

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MokaFive Creator is the only portable app, which (only) theoretically can play local vmdk-files

MokaFive Creator has several menu items to open local vmdk-files, and you can play and edit VMware-vdmk-images with MokaFive Creator by importing VMware vmx-files. So the MokaFive Creator seems to be a really portable VMware Player!
But only the older versions of MokaFive Creator (e.g. V.1.0.2 from 2008-10-17 with 45,8 MB for Windows XP) are free for personal use: Free download of MokaFive Creator : http://bit.ly/bLvmVE or as a german version: http://www.magnus.de/downloads/virtualisierung-mokafive-creator-555355.html . The actual new versions are not free. However, running MokaFive Player from a USB device on a Windows machine requires local administration privilege on the host PC.
Errormessage with unsuccessful attempt to play a VM based on a local vdmk-file:
I tried unsuccessfully to start on Windows XP a virtual machine on basis of an existing vdmk image produced with VMware. An error message came, that the path to the vdmk file, which " in "MokaFive Creator" - Environment was imported, was not found, although the indicated path was present and correct. If anybody would have success in playing local with VMware generated vdmk-files, it would be interesting, if he would write a comment, how to solve the problem "Path to vdmk-file not found ...".
The only working portable "VM" which really can play a portable Windwos XP (only) on Windows XP Hosts is MojoPac.