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Used it for about 6 months now. The location is close but not accurate but it can get you in the vicinity but you cannot trust it 100%. The other issue is that when you use the "remote control" option it will delay everything on the target phone so if they are watching a video it will stop their video and the circle in the middle starts moving like it is trying to connect. Also, it has to be connected to internet or data to work so if they are driving around and not using the data or internet you won't get the information. About 2-3 hours everyday, I don't know anything that is going on. It says the location is not found. By the time it catches up, you have a couple hours of time that you do not know what happened or where they went. So they will know something is up on the phone. I had to stop using it, which sucked. The target phone I have it on is not rooted so I can't give any information about that. It does work perfectly on the text messages and phone calls so you can use that part very well. They recently came up with an update and I can't get my hands on the target phone again to install the update so it would be nice if it would automatically update once it is installed, somehow.


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Free only for 50 first sms / WhatsApp messages


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recording can even be downloaded. thank you MTF


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