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The price seems like a bargain to me

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As the other commenters have noted, MobaXterm has an unlimited free trial with a limited feature set. So if you don't want to spend any money, you may not find MobaXterm as useful. But if you buy the full version, it has a huge feature set that is well integrated and works wonderfully.

Sure, you could build yourself something similar using several different open source and free software tools. I'd done that, but still found value in MobaXterm because it does the work of several disparate apps. The price seemed high at first, but the more I looked around at the alternatives, the more it seemed worth it. Good tools cost money to build, and I want to support the creation of tools like this. There's a reason PuTTY doesn’t have tabs and hasn't changed much in more than a decade: no-one is paying for features to be developed.

MobaXterm literally brings a feeling joy to Linux and Unix connectivity from Windows. In my opinion, it's well worth the price, and is in the same league of other best-of-breed tools worthy of our support, like PhraseExpander, PowerGrep, XYPlorer, and TestRail.

If you want free transportation, you can walk or use a bicycle. If you want to travel quickly, in comfort, and style, you buy a nice car. In this analogy, PuTTY is a bicycle, and MobaXterm is a luxury sedan. There's nothing wrong with either choice. Everyone can decide which option they prefer.

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Its an SSH manager for linux, with a reasonably good interface and full of usefull features.


A sublime, wonderful SSH client and local terminal for Windows

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This is one of the few Windows apps that has changed the way I work, and it makes using SSH and terminal windows on Windows 10 an absolute joy to use.

It has a tabbed interface, SSH forwarding built right in, can connect through bastion relays, has its own SSH key agent, and comes with an X11 server too. There's even a local command prompt based on Cygwin, so you can install Cygwin packages with apt-cyg and run Unix commands natively in Windows. I used to use Xfce on Fedora as my daily desktop, but switching to Windows 10 with MobaXterm means I can run all Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, command-line and GUI apps on one system.

It's stunning. I love this software. If PuTTY was a bicycle, MobaXterm would be a fully-loaded BMW with great tyres.


Excellent tool!

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A well-integrated solution for SSH, SCP, SFTP, RDP and X11 server.

MobaXterm is really convenient, especially when you have multiple SSH servers to reach, files to transfer and graphical applications to launch remotely, and when you care about security.

For my personal need, the free edition provides enough functions, so the price ($0) is not an obstacle ;-)


Wonderful piece of software with everything you need

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This tool is exactly what I have been looking for in the last 6 years of my Sysadmin life: an X11 server on Windows that just works, a tabbed SSH client with X11-forwarding that automatically allows you to graphically browse your remote server when you are connected, tabbed RDP sessions, tabbed VNC sessions, ... and everything is just very easy to use, it just works!


This is Shareware, not Freeware and too much expensive.

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Even though the policy of the author of Mobaxterm is understandable, this very nice application is not really free and the license cost is quite high compared to other similar tools in the market.

Coming this tool from an Open Source/Free Software world, a more reasonable price could have helped me to go on with the professional license. Besides, many of the features are derivative from open source code that has been given for free for many years by many people.

After months of using it and reaching the limit line, I'll have to switch over to another application. Better don't get used to it.


This piece of software really rocks. It is outstanding compared to other pieces of software, but for me too, the price is an obstacle.

The license for MobaXterm ( ) certainly indicates that it is free. Also, from the way it appears from the heading, it is a GPL v3 license. Other components are GPL v2, or the Cygwin license. The source for MobaXterm is found as well (though you need Borland Delphi v7 and commercial components to compile it). That, along with the fact that the license states that you "should" subscribe if you are a business user seems to indicate the same. Regardless, updating to the professional version seems relatively inexpensive (compare to SecureCRT)-- the Multi-execute and horizontal tiling of terminal sessions is unrivaled (at least from what I've seen so far).

Agreed to.

This piece of software reaches peak. All in one is good, but for SFTP WinSCP is better. Shell functions is briliant. Duplicate tab, split functions, simple Tunneling, clicable console. Unfortunately for me too, the price is an obstacle.

A SSH noob like me just love this tool

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Everything is exactly where i want it to be and it just works. Love the sFTP integration.