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Nice free antivirus software, doesn't come with any unnecessary bundleware like most other free antivirus, 2 Cloud AV Engines (ETHOS and SPERO) plus the awesome ClamAV Engine and updates.

Sometimes it feels a bit heavy, i use an old i5 3230m laptop and it spikes up to 80% CPU usage, i recommend enabling "gaming mode", gives you a nice experience.

It works alongside other AV software like Avast and Kaspersky.

First time of install, it needs to download the installer, which can be somewhat of a hassle if your connection isn't that good.

I also recommend enabling in the Immunet settings: monitor program install and program start, both cloud AV engines (SPERO and ETHOS) and the ClamAV with updates, also both quarantine behavior options.

You can set an scheduled scan.

I only found somewhat of a "bug" that when Immunet is scanning, if you pause and cancel the scan it hangs and doesn't cancel it, just pauses it.

I'm currently using it as my mainly AV solution in work, already had problem with Panda antivirus (Bsod with SHTTPPS.sys) and Bitdefender free blocking pfSense Firewall.

Sorry for bad English, not my main language.

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The AV after scan deleted quarantined files without even asking permission for it removing necessary and un-harmful applications like TexMod I had installed for some games, HotA launcher for Heroes 3 or a few updates for Assassin's Creed games...


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Immunet Free looks like a good option for those who want AV protection for no charge. There are a lot of free options out there, but many come with limitations, nags, etc. Immunet looks like a serious effort to give people a free option that is reasonably good.

I also appreciate seeing both the Cisco and ClamAV names associated with the software, which for me adds a level of confidence that this is quality and legitimate software.