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It broke this rule, enough said.
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Alternative to..

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There is no alternative to MiXplorer. Yes it happens to be the exception. Sure its not in the play store but MiX is hands down the most robust and well built fm for android devices. I've been using it for years.


can you explain why MiXplorer is better than other explorer in comparison lists?

I've been using Mixplorer for several years but due to the "beta" status there was a period of time that a feature I depended on was a bit buggy. I spent some time testing the alternatives and none were as dynamic and customizable as Mix. Solid Explorer was decent but I wasn't thrilled with it. It's not open source but is free to use, frequently updated, and not tainted by ads or analytics garbage. Also, the modular add-ons make it so that features some people don't use don't have unnecessary things in their way. This is purely opinion but I like to think all the time I've spent learning about android, how it works, and testing apps gives my opinion a little weight. You could also try it yourself. Thank you for asking.

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thanks for detailed comparison, sure i will go test it myself

it is so good that sometimes I thing it is too good to be true!

True. It's hard to find apps these days that aren't loaded down with google-ware, analytics, and/or ads. This is truly an exceptional tool. Been using it for several years

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Feature-rich explorer better than any explorer ever!

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no add like other mobile explorers and it has root access and nicely categorized. what else do we need?