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Adobe Fuse CC Reviews

Best to avoid as of 2017.

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Mixamo, a rather greedy 3D company, was acquired in 2015 by the even greedier Adobe. The previously costly Fuse service was kept as a free but discontinued vestige -- in its quiet death throes ever since. I don't recommend it as it may be completely retired any moment now.


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It is not dead but no one will update it, so you only have this program to do whatever you can with the models in a kinda ok editor. Not perfect but it can be used for something.


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avoid this software if you dont know how to format 3d models. this software is available on steam the older version, the old version is made by the people who where eventually bought out by adobe. you can create 3d models of character in the steam version but they are not rigged you have to export them out as obj and rig them yourself. you cannot sell these models as you can with makehuman but you can use the freely in your own work without giving credit. if you wanted to give it a shot download the steam version sense its not adobe and you will have more freedoms within the software.