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MirrorAce Malware Warning

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Do not use MirrorAce unless you want to spread links to your friends that contains a "direct download" option redirecting you to a zip archive with an infected executable.

Proof: http://archive.is/20Z0b
Links to: http://blobhost.blob.core.windows.net/5d4d222e8071cfb4f9b4c954ad6c1341/355403634-58c83162d14a0/Video_Uploaded_To_MirrorAce.zip
(Do not dowload)

Virustotal Report: https://www.virustotal.com/de/file/07c72f968f5a8bbb1e35fe7db24e0c1b3960b163712bf57841687c0a4b4bbb10/analysis/

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JimSterling is correct. This site tries to trick you into download malware!

This site allows you to upload a single or multiple files to a selection of "cyberlocker" or file hoster sites. However, when you visit the link it's created for the file you uploaded, it has one very visible link at the top that says "Get file DOWNLOAD" and below, in small print, it says "iLivid". When you click that link, which is the link most people would assume is the one you want to click on, it redirects you to an Amazon AWS site that sends you a file with the name of the file you uploaded, but it's in a .ZIP archive.

When you open the .ZIP archive of the file, there's another zipped file, and when you open that one, there's an executable file in there. If you extract that, and scan it with a virus scanner it will tell you it's malware. Here's a sample file I downloaded and then uploaded the executable file to VirusTotal: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/7f460feee5c92e5ecbf480d463414ea2e094332f8d00ca500461899a8e06ec04/detection

However, it does upload the correct file to all the hosts you selected, so if you click on any of the other download links below that, you can download the file you uploaded just fine. But, it's a problem if you're trying to send a file to a friend or share it with multiple people, because you'll have to explicitly explain to them NOT to click on the first download link. I don't know why they tried to do this. The service works perfectly fine as a file uploader to multiple file sharing sites, but they just have that one link at the very top that will infect people with malware if they download and run it. Find another, better service to use instead of MirrorAce or until they get their act together and take that malware link off their site. Here is an example of what it looks like: