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RealtimeBoard: the power of visual collaboration

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Most of us are visual people and we are more and more tend to think in pictures and that’s successfully proven by growing popularity of Instagram, Pinterest, Infogr.am and other visual services. Visualization techniques are widely used in a variety of fields: from design and creative projects to complex analysis and project management. Everyone is familiar with a usual whiteboard that has become an essential part of any office or classroom and an effective tool for brainstorming and discussion.

RealtimeBoard (http://realtimeboard.com/ ) is also a whiteboard, but the thing is that it is endless and digital. RealtimeBoard is a whiteboard with endless canvas and various tools. It was launched in the middle of 2012 and now it has already acquired thousands of users all over the world: entrepreneurs, developers, teachers and tutors, designers, architects and creative teams.

The service allows to work with any information and visual content on one board individually or with the team. You can work with images, videos, PDF-files, write notes and comment everything, use colorful post-it stickers and work with files from your Google Drive. RealtimeBoard is also about collaboration – you can invite your friends and colleagues to work on projects together in real time. Now you do not need a huge amount of emails to discuss any visuals – just enter your board and you’ll see the big picture.

RealtimeBoard is an endless board for endless possibilities: it has an infinite canvas and a lot of tools for those who want to work with information visually drawing sketches, mockups, schemes and pictures. Great collaboration tools make teamwork easy and efficient even if you are in different parts of the world.

RealtimeBoard: endless boards for your endless creativity

RealtimeBoard is about visual thinking and, moreover, it’s about visual collaboration. You can not only make things visual but also use the power of your team working on any project. RealtimeBoard is widely used for design discussion, prototyping, agile management, brainstorming, mind mapping and other activities. You can find more examples here:: http://realtimeboard.com/showcase/

The main features of RealtimeBoard:

• Work with various media on a single whiteboard. Upload images and PDF-files, paste video from YouTube ? Vimeo, work with files from your Google Drive. You can also use drawing tools, shapes and post-it notes, write text. Chrome Extension will help you to add pictures and screenshots to your boards even faster.

• Templates. We have created more than 10 templates to save your time. You can use them for project management, business model generation, mind mapping, creative techniques.
You can easily adapt the templates for your needs.

• Interactive library. Tables, diagrams, shapes and interactive business canvases will help you to create schemes and slides for presentations and projects quickly and easily.
• Collaboration. You can definitely use RealtimeBoard for discussion and collaboration with your team even if you are in different parts of the world. Use pointed comments and mini-chats to underline the most important details. Add files and notes – all the participants will see the changes in real time. Stop routine emailing discussing visuals and boost your team productivity!

• Share boards with your team or with the whole world. You can your friends via email or from Facebook friends list and collaborate on one board. If you’ve created something exciting, share it with the world: post your boards to Facebook, embed to websites or blogs, save presentations.