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I made a wiki here for a small project because I wanted to learn to use wikis. It wasn't easy but that's the nature of the beast. The learning curve is part of the fun. If you don't already know how to edit/admin wikis don't plan on hitting the ground running. Powerful tools take time to learn. There are a lot of little weirdsies to learn at the back end. Some times I kept having to look the same things up again and again.

Every time I ran into a wall and couldn't solve a problem, someone was immediately able to help me in the IRC which I was very impressed by. I don't know if I've ever had such fast and thorough tech support anywhere. They helped with explaining rudimentary wiki concepts, enabling features that require admin assistance, troubleshooting upstream problems in the wiki software itself and other things.

However, it happened many times that there was some sort of server error and the site couldn't be accessed at all sometimes for hours on end. I wouldn't use it to run anything that required consistent access. My impression was that the admins were working to fix this, so by the time you read this it may no longer be ongoing.


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I switched from Wikia to Miraheze ages ago and have only a few notes.

  1. Staff are generally helpful but don't go out of their way. I have had a few discussions about adding extensions to the service and while one was promptly enabled with no requests the other was declined on the ground that they needed a Git to install it from.
  2. Occasional downtime is annoying.
  3. The wiki creation process is semi-automated. You'll get away with describing your wiki in one sentence but it takes a while to create.
  4. The poor people seem to be running out of money so if you're looking for a long term option it doesn't seem so good.

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Hello, I am a sysadmin at Miraheze. To answer your points:

  1. We'd like to install every extension that users need, however if they are not on Git it is complicated as our setup functions with Git and needs that in order to get the extensions.

  2. We are aware of the downtime issues, and we have always tried to have the least downtime possible. I'd say that recently there has been very few downtime.

  3. Wiki creation is semi-automated to ensure that there is no spam or vandalism and that wikis are compliant to our policies. We welcome any new wiki creators to help us with the process, and hope to make it as quick as possible.

  4. While our financial situation can be unstable at times, we do have enough to keep us running for a while and get donations from users regularly. A fundraiser could be in the works if a situation arises where we need more funding.

Reception123, Miraheze system administrator

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Definitely wouldn't recommend it. Of course, the owners of Miraheze are really not the ones to blame here, it's not their fault at all. It's how toxic and abusive the userbase is. Much of these people come from DeviantArt, Furaffinity, YouTube, and Tumblr. While that's not inherently a bad thing, all of the listed sites serve a home to many toxic users who will harass people in those communities as well. I have been targeted, harassed, had people insult my intelligence, or even threaten to kill me. Woe be unto you if you happen to be autistic or part of an uncommon sexual minority, in my case, pan. Apparently being yourself is wrong and will result in targeted harassment. I'd say for your own safety, stay away. Or at least report these people to a sysop. (The Miraheze sysop, not the wiki moderators.)